SHALIBEIK Intellectual Property (Shalibeik IP) is specialized in the obtainment, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. We advise and represent our clients' interests in all areas of intellectual property and feel at home in every technical discipline. Shalibeik IP is not only the sole IP partner for our clients in Europe and Germany, but also in Iran and we thus see ourselves as a promoter of economic relations between the orient and the occident.

Innovations improve the quality of products, services and processes. We grasp complex issues and find the right scale for the best possible legal protection of innovations. We place particular emphasis on a deliberate and far-sighted approach.

We always keep our clients' interests in mind. Our aim is to deliver high quality work and therefore we maintain close contact with our clients. In our daily work we “Just Connect” with our clients. This allows us to get to know their business, technology and intellectual property strategies in more detail.

We provide our clients with the optimum balance between benefit and costs. We are present on both national and international domains and help our clients to achieve adequate long-term income from the investments made in research, development and design of new products and services. We also advise our clients in developing and implementing their individual IP rights strategy and are also happy to manage their entire IP portfolio.

Properly protected, intellectual property increases the value of a company. To ensure the ideas and the future of our clients - that's what we strive for and what motivates us.

Dr. Hotan Shalibeik
Dr. Hotan Shalibeik